We’re on a mission to eradicate litter.


We believe in the power of one.

We have seen how a single person can inspire a community, influence an industry, and inform government policy. And we know one is just the beginning. When millions of people come together, the impossible becomes reality, and change happens.


We believe in transparency.

Measurement matters. Data makes the invisible, visible, and documents what lies on our streets, playgrounds, and beaches. It illustrates the problem, uncovers patterns, initiates discussion, and informs solutions. Building a Global Litter Database takes time. What’s found in Toronto is different than Tallinn. We’re working on a system that is simple, yet sophisticated.


We believe in the significance of data.

Litterati is an independent company that works within an ecosystem of influencers, customers, partners & researchers. Working with NGOs, schools, cities, companies, and brands, we are building an ecosystem to create a litter free world -- all on the foundation of transparency of the data collected by the community. The larger the ecosystem, the greater the impact.


We believe in the power of community.

Everyone gets a seat at the table. We’re not into blaming, shaming, or pointing fingers - we are into partnerships with committed individuals and corporations who are ready to put their resources, time, and effort into solving this problem. Join us.

An idea worth spreading.


“Individually you make a difference. Together we create an impact.”

Jeff Kirschner
Jeff Kirschner

Founder & CEO - Litterati

This app makes it fun to pick up litter
Jeff Kirschner | Ted Residency

It takes a global village.

Join an ever-growing group of brands, cities, and NGOs all coming together for a better future.


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